This single-channel seamless video-installation loop is a poetic retelling of a fable, whereby the animal is not humanized, but rather, where the human is animalized. In this video, the Hausemeister is Lizard guarding lair, he is Mouse peeking through hole, he is no longer quite “he.”

This shift in the nature of the video’s subject becomes a dislocation of the spectators as well: as “we” are being looked at, attacked, or at the very least addressed by this animal, our comfort zone is invaded by this creature who hisses and growls—or perhaps it is we, and our gaze (objectified by the camera) that is invading the Hausemeister’s territory, its home?

What is our relationship to other creatures in the world? How have we (dis)placed ourselves as animals in the world, our home? And, ultimately, what is home—where does it begin or end? The question of territory and protection (of homeland security) is allegorized in this humorous if disturbing piece.

Video Installation.

Single channel.

1 flat screen.


Duration: 6:36 minutes, loop.

Dimensions: variable.