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Video Installation
Chille, 2009

Done in response to an invitation to create a piece in Santiago, Chile, Chille is divided in two parts: a loosely executed, large-scale reconstruction of an idealized model of the funeral procession of the dictator Augusto Pinochet made by hardline supporters following his death, which Okón found at a private club in Santiago and a two channel video installation recording a low-budget reenactment of Pinochet's funeral. The piece is a phantasmagorical response to the realization that the structural changes made by Pinochet, notably a neoliberal system that favors private corporate interests, are still firmly in place. Pinochet is not dead.

Video Installation.
2 channels.
Duration: 25:01 minutes.
Dimensions: variable.

Sixty-two rough plaster sculptures.
Dimensions: 45 centimetres height, each soldier.