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Video Installation
Coyotería, 2003

Coyotería is a single channel video installation based on a performance and a series of photos. The piece is a re-configuration of Joseph Beuys' 1974 I Like America and America Likes Me. As Beuys used the coyote to symbolize pre-Colonial spirituality on the American Continent, the term "coyote" was originally used by the Aztecs to refer to colonial, wealth-hungry Europeans and later evolved to refer to a man who is hired to "get things done" at a price (i.e. facilitate official paperwork and bureaucratic procedures, take immigrants across borders, etc). Where Beuys lived with a coyote for a week, Okón casts a human "coyote" to play the canine role. Okón stands in for Beuys, and replaces the felt, the shamanic staff and the Wall Street Journal with a synthetic comforter, a police baton and TV Guides.

Video Installation.
LCD screen and relics from the performance.
Duration: 16:54 minutes, loop.
Dimensions: variable.

LCD screen and objects: baton, tv-guides, dog food dish, second hand suit,
construction gloves, costume jewelry, blanket, dress shoes, trumpet and straw.

Series of 3 photographs.
Lightjet c-prints.
Dimensions: 30 x 40 inches, each.