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Video Installation
Gaza Stripper, 2006

For Gaza Stripper, Okón was invited to produce a site specific piece in Israel. During the preliminary trip, Israel was disengaging from Gaza. Even though the original idea was to avoid all references to this conflict, the degree of intensity caused by the opposition to such disengagement was impossible to avoid. This piece sets to convey the energy felt by the artists but from a de-politisized position.
The result is a multi-channel video-installation based on a performance done at the Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art. A volunteer stripper - the only respondent to a classified ad - performs a dance to music from his headphones, sporting only an orange ribbon (worn by opponents to Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip) tied to his penis. A wooden stage/sculpture including 8 monitors, 8 cameras, and disco lights was built. After the opening night performance, the structure remained in the gallery displaying the videofootage of the performance with no sound.

Performance and installation.
Wooden stage/sculpture, 8 monitors, 8 cameras and disco lights.
Dimensions: variable.