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Video Installation
Hipnostasis, 2009
In collaboration with Raymond Pettibon.

Hipnostasis is a 6 channel video installation. The inspiration for the piece comes from the past-life therapist which Okón and Pettibon visited together, and who told one of them that in a past life he had been a hippie cult-leader who died in a collective suicide.

The multi-channel video-installation explores the subculture of old hippies from Venice Beach. The videos feature men who have been living on the beach for more than 30 years faithful to their non-materialistic ideology, forming a tightly-knit alternative community that, despite its lack of touch with mainstream reality, thrives and survives on its own terms.

Panel version.
6 LCD monitors and 3 sheet rock panels with ink writing.
Duration: 7:00 minutes.
Dimensions: 8 x 12 feet.

Video Installation.
6 video projections.
Duration: 7:00 minutes.
Dimensions: variable.