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Video Installation
Oracle, 2015

In 2014, Oracle, Arizona, was the arena for the largest-yet protest against the entrance of unaccompanied children from Central America into the U.S. Okón spoke to the leaders who orchestrated the protest, all members of a militia called the Arizona Border Protectors. They agreed to create staged scenes based on their extreme nationalist ideology as well as to create a live reenactment of the protest. Oracle also includes a video of a chorus where 9 of the immigrant children sing a modified version of the US Marin's Hymn. The original hymn glorifies US invasions around the world. For the new version, the children narrate the US invasion to Guatemala placing special emphasis in the complicity of the government with transnational corporations. The title also refers to Oracle Corporation, a company known to have deep ties to the CIA and a perfect example of the current geopolitical paradigm in which state structures are increasingly at the service of private interests. Oracle questions the adequacy and the relevance of nationalism in this transnational age.

Video Installation.
2 synchronized video channels.
Duration: 12:07 minutes, loop.
Dimensions: variable.

Lightjet c-print.
Dimensions: 70.8 x 46 inches.