For this piece, Okón collaborates with Çetin Basaran, an actor who, in 1970, starred as Tarzan in the Turkish versions of the film. Shortly after the film’s release, the Turkish film industry collapses leaving Basaran unemployed. More than 30 years later, it is impossible to find copies of Turkish Tarzan. Nevertheless, in the streets of Istanbul, Basaran is known as Tarzan, his fictional role becoming an integral part of his identity.

For the piece, Tarzan’s cry, one of the film’s signature scenes, was re-created: Çetin wore his original outfit. The scene was shot  three separate times with a static camera changing the actor’s body orientation.

Video Installation:

3 synchronized channels.

Video projections onto triangular structure.


Duration: 47 seconds, loop.

Dimensions: variable.




Lightjet c-print.

Dimensions: 78.7 x 19. 6 inches.