US is a single channel video that was originally created for the Monuments For The USA exhibition, for which the artists were asked for monument proposals. The piece now exists as a single-channel video-animation. If the monument were actually built (in gold and all), nationalists from all over the country would go to Washington to take one-hour helicopter tours and circle the monument nonstop. US not only refers to the nation but also to "us" (versus "them"). In an era of heightened individualism, US simulates collectivity, but only a solipsistic one: Me + Myself + I = US.


Single channel animation.

1 projection or flat screen.


Duration: 3:40 minutes, loop.

Dimensions: variable.

Articles & Interviews about US.


Knight, Christopher. Yoshua Okón´s video monumento pegged 'US'. Culture Monster,, May 1, 2009. [PDF]