Selected Solo Catalogues & Books




Curator and editor: John C. Welchman.

Design: Cristina Paoli - Periferia.

Co-publishers: MUAC Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, UNAM, Museo Amparo.


184 pages



Welchman, John C. Yoshua Okón: International Relations.

Medina, Cuauhtémoc, Sodom & McDonald's. A Conversation

Chávez Mac Gregor, Helena. We are all in Danger: A Political Reading of the Work of Yoshua Okón




Editor: Okon Studio.

Design: Maru Aguzzi.

Co-publisher: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Art Matters.


71 pages



Hernández Valdés, Raúl. The extensions of meaning. [PDF]

Welchman, John C. War and Peace (Volume II). [PDF]

Yoshua Okón



Editor: Chiara Arroyo

Design: Analía Solomonoff.

Co-publishers: Landucci, SerieVe, YBCA and MACG.


266 pages



Herz, Betti-Sue. Invoking the Productive Negative.

pp 5-15. [PDF: Español] pp 69-79. [PDF: English]

Foster, Kenneth J. Undermeaning Categories.

pp 16-17. [PDF: Español] pp 80-81. [PDF: English]

McCarthy, Paul y Okón, Yoshua. Paul McCarthy vs. Yoshua Okón.

pp 19-23. [PDF: Español] pp 83-86. [PDF: English]

Reyna, Juan Carlos. Watching Us Watch Ourselves: Spectators as Protagonists.

pp 24-29. [PDF: Español] pp 88-93. [PDF: English]

Muñoz Oliveira, Luis. Mesmerized by truth.

pp 31-33. [PDF: Español] pp 95-97. [PDF: English]

Berardini, Andrew. A Dark Play.

pp 35-47. [PDF: Español] pp 98-109. [PDF: English]

Schmelz, Itala. Five Portraits and a Full Service Window.

pp 48-51. [PDF: Español] pp 111-113. [PDF: English]

Morales, Julio César. Interview.

pp 53-57. [PDF: Español] pp 115-119. [PDF: English]

Fadanelli Guillermo. ¿Who´s Looking at Whom?.

pp 59-67. [PDF: Español] pp 121-129. [PDF: English]





Catalog for the exhibition Hipnostasis. In collaboration with Raymond Pettibon. Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, USA.

Design and Printing: Camille Weiner & WKSM

20 pages



Weiner, Camille and Berardini, Andrew. Excerpt from a conversation with Raymond Pettibon and Yoshua Okon [PDF]




Catalog for the exhibition Chille, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Santiago, Chile.

Editor: Claudia Zaldívar

Design: Rodrigo Dueñas

52 pages



Pedraza, Gonzalo. Chille en Chile. [PDF: Español / English]

Yoshua Okón. SUBTITLE 1997-2007


Catalog for the exhibition SUBTITLE, Städtische Kunsthalle München.

Co-publishers: NY: Prototype Press and München: Stadtische Kunsthalle.

90 pages




Castro Flórez, Fernando. They Became What They Beheld (Consideraciones fragmentarias en torno a los desfases de Yoshua Okón). [PDF: Español]

Davila-Villa, Ursula. Yoshua Okón: The Psychology of Power. [PDF: English]

Hartung, Elisabeth. Inside-Outside Anmerkungenzur Kunst Yoshua Okóns. [PDF: Deutsch]



Catalog for the exhibition PRESENTA. Galería Enrique Guerrero, Mexico City.

25 pages




Hernández Chong Cuy, Sofía, All Employees. Yoshua Okón. [PDF: Español / English]


Chávez Mac Gregor, Helena, Oráculo. Proyectos Monclova, Mexico. 2020. [PDF: Español & English]


Ragasol, Tania, A propósito. Código DF. Arte y cultura contemporáneos desde la ciudad de México, México. 2010. [PDF: Español & English]

Montero, Daniel, Yoshua Okón, Código DF. Arte y cultura contemporáneos desde la ciudad de México, México. 2010. [PDF: Español & English]


Fernández, Olga. Interview with Yoshua Okón. Tragicomedia. 2009. [PDF: Español / English]

Morrison Gavin, A propósito... (Incidentally...), 1997. Lifting: Theft in Art, Atopia Projects, pp 90-98, 2009. [PDF: English]

Carballas, Mónica. El espectador a menudo insomne. Video otra vez, pp 38-40, 122-125. Santiago, Chile.


Luckett, Helen. Laughing In a Foreign Language, Hayward Gallery, London, England. 2008. [PDF: English]


Perez-Barreiro, Gabriel. Orillese a la Orilla. 6a Bienal Do Mercosul, Zona Franca. 2007.

[PDF: Español / English / Português]

Rodriguez Widholm, Julie. Reshaping the World Through Social Sculpture, Escultura Social, MCA Chicago. 2007.

Madura, Joe. Yoshua Okón, Escultura Social, MCA Chicago. 2007. [PDF: Español / English]

Edelsztein, Sergio. Yoshua Okón in Ice Cream, Phaidon, London. 2007. [PDF: English]


Hernández Chong Cuy, Sofía, Yoshua Okón. Blanton Museum of Art Latin American Collection. University of Texas Press, 2006. [PDF: English]

Preston, Laura, Don't Misbehave! Scape 2006 Biennial of Art in Public Space. Christchurch, New Zeland, September 2006. [PDF: English]

Debroise, Olivier, ed. La Era de la Discrepancia: Arte y Cultura Visual en México 1968-1997. Mexico: UNAM, 2006.

Escobedo, Larisa, America Tropical, El Instituto de México en Paris, November, 2005-February 2006.

[PDF: Español / Française]


Yoshua Okón Discusses Crabby With Erica Burton. Human Nature, Pump House Gallery, 2005. [PDF: English]


Perez-Barrerio, Gabriel. Curator's Notes. Fishing in International Waters: New Acquisitions from the Latin American Collection. Blanton Museum of Art. 2004. [PDF: English]


Phillips, Christopher. The Uses of Strangers. Strangers: The First ICP Triennial of Photography and Video. 2003. [PDF: English]


Biesenbach, Klaus. Mexico City: An Exhibition about the Exchange Rates of Bodies and Values. 2002.

Hofmann, Irene. Yoshua Okón. 2002 California Biennial. 2002. [PDF: English]